Slimming with Jerusalem artichoke

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Learn in this classic, what makes the healthy tuber so successful.
With many recipes, uses and health advice. (about 500g)

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Comprehensive book on Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke, the treasure of the New World! Learn in this book what makes the healthy tuber the most successful slimming tip since the discovery of America.

How to regulate your blood sugar level

Jerusalem artichoke contains a lot of inulin. As a result, the tuber balances the blood sugar level and is thus optimal for diabetics. In addition, inulin lowers too high Hanrnsäure- and blood lipid levels. In addition, inulin promotes the development of a healthy intestinal flora and thus keeps your digestion going.

Without starving to your desired weight

Make Jerusalem artichoke the ideal basis for a diet without giving up. Because inulin acts like a completely natural appetite suppressant.Without side effects! This is how Topinamburgerichte quickly fill up and have hardly any calories. Take advantage of the new six-day program for your successful slimming diet. Discover the many delicious recipes - or just pick top Jerusalem artichoke in your own garden.

Professor Günter Bärwald was Professor at the Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the TU Berlin. The topinambour expert lives in Berlin.

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