Prebiotik Jerusalem artichoke set

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Prebiotik Jerusalem artichoke set consisting of juice powder, capsules, chips and crispbread

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Prebiotics - food for the organism

The prebiotic set consists of the high-quality topinambur juice powder in the glass, organic topinambur chips and organic topinambur crispbread and organic topinambur capsules. Jerusalem artichoke has a proven positive effect on the whole organism.

Inulin is good for the metabolism

The inulin contained in Jerusalem artichoke can stimulate digestion and strengthen the metabolisation of food. With the Prebiotik Set you can make a valuable contribution to a healthy diet in an uncomplicated and sustainable way.

Jerusalem artichoke works:

Over the fiber Inulin reducing excessive appetite strengthening and optimizing the digestive system

application Notes

Consumption: 1-2 teaspoons Jerusalem artichoke juice powderdaily, chips and crispbread as needed, 2-4 capsules per day

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