Jerusalem artichokes pieces organic

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Topinambur pieces of organic are ideal for animals with problems in the gastrointestinal tract area and the diet in general. The food consists of 100% pieces of dried tuber. Organically grown bag 750g

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Dried Jerusalem artichoke is a 100% natural product because it is produced directly from the fresh tuber without procedural intermediate steps and without any additives. At the same time, the pulp is completely preserved with all stored ingredients. The high inulin content in the Jerusalem artichoke tuber makes the Jerusalem artichoke pieces so valuable. Jerusalem artichoke has a positive effect on the digestion of the animals. The inulin content activates and optimizes the often neglected intestinal flora in the large intestine. Topinambur pieces can also be used well to reduce dung water in horses. Jerusalem artichoke offers a popular variety in the diet but should never be used as a complete diet.

Hinweise:: Bio Anbauals Tiernahrung
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