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Topinambur Moringa Bio tablets for the optimization of metabolism, in diets and for diabetes therapy. from Jerusalem artichokes (organic) and Moringa (organic) 350 pieces (shipping weight 400g)

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Support your health with Moringa Topinambur tablets

Support your health by using Topinmbur Moringa tablets.
Optimize your metabolism and overall health. Jerusalem artichokes Moringa tablets have an appetite-suppressing effect and can have a positive effect on the intestinal flora through their ingredients.
In diabetes therapy, Jerusalem artichoke can optimize and support the multiple sugar inulin without significantly affecting the blood sugar level. Jerusalem artichoke is known and appreciated for its beneficial effects on digestion.
Moringa (Moringa oleifera) of the horseradish tree known in the subtropics and tropics is one of the most nutritious plantsin general and is mainly used in India as a remedy. In addition to its antioxidant effect and nutrient richness it is said to have a positive effect on the metabolism and the general condition. Moringa is used throughout the tropical area.

Top quality Jerusalem artichokes Moringa tablets made from pure organic Jerusalem artichokes and Moringa from organic farming in Tenerife. We press the tablets manually therefore production-related slightly different heights of the tablets can arise.

Taking with tablets is particularly easy and uncomplicated.
We recommend 3-6 tablets in the morning and evening
Delivered in a high-quality, reusable glass crucible.

Ingredients 79% dried Jerusalem artichokes *, 20% Mo20% moring powder * 1% talcum, 1 tablet contains approx. 0.36 g ground Jerusalem artichoke or 0.18 g inulin and approx. 0.4 g moring powder
* (from certified organic farming.)

Consumption recommendation Take 2 x daily 3 Jerusalem artichokes Moringa tablets with a glass of water Content 350 tablets

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