Jerusalem artichoke schnapps collection

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Topinambur schnapps collection consisting of Jerusalem artichoke schnapps, Jerusalem artichokes Roter Rossler, Jerusalem artichoke raspberry schnapps

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A great selection of special schnapps

Our Topinambur schnapps collection consists of three very different schnapps. They are all fired from Jerusalem artichoke and still each have their own touch.

Jerusalem artichoke schnapps (40% alc)

The clear, tart topinambur schnapps has a spicy and classic note.

Jerusalem artichokes Red Rossler (37% alc)

This schnapps is additionally applied to bloodroot and gets a tangy spicy taste with a hint of herbs

Jerusalem artichoke raspberry schnapps (40% alc)

The Jerusalem artichoke Himber schnapps is additionally mixed with the fruity raspberry, giving it a lighter, fruity taste.

Give away joy

With this collection you will make schnapps lovers a real pleasure.
A einailge and special assortment of topinambur schnapps.

The schnapps are characterized by their clear, spicy and unique taste. Connoisseurs appreciate in addition to the classic taste, the positive effect on stomach upset and general disorders of the metabolism. The schnapps are each supplied in 0.5l elegant jewelery bottles.

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