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Getting to know Jerusalem artichokes is easy. This set consists of the fine stripes, two noodle varieties and the delicious topinambur herb schnapps. Just right for the entry

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Jerusalem artichoke to get to know

This set consists of Jerusalem artichoke fine stripes, two Jerusalem artichoke noodle varieties and the delicious Jerusalem artichoke herb schnapps. Just right for the entry. Jerusalem artichokes Fine stripes consist of 100% natural, dried Jerusalem artichokes. They are ideal for soups, salads, muesli or even nibble on the side. The Jerusalem artichoke spelled noodles have a different content of Jerusalem artichoke and are therefore ideal for trying out and getting to know the inulin contained in the Jerusalem artichoke. They are easy to prepare and can be used in many ways. Topinambur herbal schnapps is a classic, earthy but very aromatic schnapps that is well suited as a digestive and harmoniousacts.

The introductory set consists of

  • Jerusalem artichokes Fine stripes 200g kbA
  • Topinambur Spelled Spirelli Pasta 200g organic
  • Topinambur Spelled Tagliatelle Noodles 250g organic
  • Topinambur herbal schnapps 500ml

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Item weight: 1,80 kg